The Honorable Prime Minister of Ivory Coast, Mr Daniel Kablan Duncan (center), the Minister of Construction, Housing, Sanitation and Urbanisation, Mr Amon Tanoh (left) and chairman of STRAWTEC, Mr. Eckardt Dauck (right) at his exhibition stand

The Honorable Prime Minister of Ivory Coast, Mr Daniel Kablan Duncan (center), the Minister of Construction, Housing, Sanitation and Urbanisation, Mr Amon Tanoh (left) and chairman of STRAWTEC, Mr. Eckardt Dauck (right) at his exhibition stand

The President of Rwanda Paul Kagame and the Foreign Minister of Germany Frank Walter Steinmeier discussing affordable housing solutions with Strawtec Chairman Eckardt Dauck (right to left)
STRAWTEC - Production and Low Cost Construction for Affordable and Sustainable Housing

Kigali / Rwanda: News About Affordable, Fast and Sustainable Housing Solutions by STRAWTEC
Based on Environmentally-Friendly Compressed Straw Boards - Made in Rwanda

NEWS / Reports about Production, the Construction Company and Projects  with the Low-Cost Wall Systems by STRAWTEC, Kigali
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Kigali 01/06/2014
STRAWTEC represents Rwanda at the the 33rd AGM and Symposium of Shelter Afrique  01-07/06/2014 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.
The main theme of this year’s event will be Alternative Building Technologies (ABT’s) and Construction Methods, and their potential to accelerate the supply of new affordable housing in Africa. Eckardt Dauck has been asked to speak at this event to showcase STRAWTEC’s ABT, and to present ’Strawtec in Rwanda’ as a specific case study. For more Information
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Kigali 06.2014
STRAWTEC Group AG begins with the construction of a STRAWTEC manufacturing facility in Kigali / Rwanda.
STRAWTEC will start in 2015 in Rwanda with the production of modular building systems from straw panels for the African market.
Kigali 08/06/2014
STRAWTEC were recently invited to speak and exhibit at the 33rd Shelter Afrique Annual General Meeting and Symposium event, held in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Together with his co-speaker, Mr Andrew Gill of Mace International Ltd, Eckardt Dauck presented a fully-integrated solution for delivering mass housing projects with local manufacturing benefitting the host-country, adaptable typologies and designs and full programme and project management capabilities. STRAWTEC drew significant interest from African government representatives at the event... read more
Kigali 06/06/2014
The New Times Rwanda: Botswana, Rwanda top foreign investment ranking
Five countries from Africa have ranked among the top 20 Global foreign investment destinations, according to a survey by US-based Foreign Policy magazine. Botswana came first, followed by Rwanda, Ghana, Uganda and Mozambique. The publication evaluated 112 countries worldwide...
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Kigali 22/10/2015
Official Launch of the STRAWTEC Manufacturing Facility at the Special Economic Zone, Phase II

bringing locally-produced housing solutions to Rwanda with a new dimension of low-cost housing
also für Africa and the international demand -
exported from Rwanda into the world.
New Factory starts with 10 million $ investment the new production in Kigali - TV Report CNBC Africa
German TVET Conference Rwanda
TV Report: STRAWTEC investment in Rwanda (click image)
Report: German TVET
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Kigali 24/11/2016
The New Times Rwanda: Special Report about STRAWTEC:
STRAWTEC - The Affordable Solution for Developers and Investors: With a production capacity of
approximately 2,000 modular dwelling units per annum, STRAWTEC offers developers and investors
solutions for all typologies, including family homes and appartments. Strawtec construction solutions considerably...
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Africa Industrialisation Day 2015 Kigali / Rwanda at the STRAWTEC factory terrain
TV Report (click image)
Kigali 20/11/2015
Africa Industrialisation Day 2015 Kigali / Rwanda with international guests from Africa
at the the STRAWTEC factory terrain at the Special Economic Zone, Phase II, Kigali
Minister of Trade and Industry François Kanimba
visiting the STRAWTEC Building Solutions factory in Kigali / Rwanda
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Minister auf Trade and Industry François Kanimba visits STRAWTEC
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STRAWTEC gives Taining in Construction at Nyanza Technical School of Rwanda
Report: Construction training
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Report of "The Rwanda Focus"  read here
Report of "Republic of Rwanda - Ministry of Trade and Industry"  read here
Report of "IPRC Kigali - Integrated Polytechnic Regional Centre"  read here
Marcel Breuer, 1902-1981,
German-American architect,

who paved the way for wall systems made from compressed straw.
Photo: Polygoon Hollands Nieuws
Mitglied im DGNB
Welthungerhilfe: 1 Stunde gegen den Hunger
Kigali 30/12/2015
HOPE Magazine: Title Report about STRAWTEC, the opportunities and targets for Rwanda and the
variaties of building solutions with the strawboard panel wall system as developer, manufacturer, construction company and contractor for single family homes, apartments, row houses and commercial building (offices,
schools, shops, malls and other public buildings - with low costs based on pre-fabricated constructions.
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Kigali 05/02/2016
Report by "":
UNIDO DG LI Yong told STRAWTEC set to increase youth employment and trainings to TVET schools and IPRCs -
In the program of visiting industries in Rwanda, the Director General of UNIDO LI Yong alongside the Ministry of Trade and Industry KANIMBA visited the STRAWTEC...  read here
Report by "IGIHE": President Paul Kagame has held talks with the Director General of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Li Yong... read here
Report by "MONPALAIS: UNIDO Director-General Li Yong visits Rwanda for two days, officials say
The United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) director-general Li Yong,  begins his official visit to Rwanda this Wednesday...
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Kigali March 2016
President Ismail Omar Guelleh of Djibouti (right) is welcomed by Eckardt Dauck, Chairman of STRAWTEC (left) and the CEO of the Rwandan Development Board, during his visit to the new STRAWTEC production facility in the Kigali Special Economic Zone.
Djibouti President Ismail Omar Guelleh visits STRAWTEC
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Berlin  / Germany 01/12/2015
Berlin Africa Economic Forum 2015 Special Report about STRAWTEC:
Experts and representatives from politics, business and civil society as well as African diplomats discussed the topic of "Germany, Africa and Migration - the Role of Business".  Challanges and opportunities facing the current refugee-debate and causes for migration were in the center of the discussions, with a focus on the opportunities of the private sector in Africa
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Kigali May 2016
1st Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) David Lipton
visited the STRAWTEC factory in Kigali / Rwanda

1st Deputy Managing Director of the IMF visited the STRAWTEC factory in Kigali
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Kigali July 2016
Official Representatives of the Ministry of Defense visited the STRAWTEC
factory in Kigali / Rwanda

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Kigali July 2016
Farmer Meeting at the STRAWTEC factory
Around 9 cooperatives from Eastern province in learning experience visited their client
STRAWTEC in the Special Economic Zone  Kigali to see how straws are transformed into strawboards that can construct a beautiful house that can last longer than 60 years.

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Kigali November 2016
Training for craftsmen in internal wall applications with STRAWTEC wall system
at Mount Kenya University Kigali with certification

Kigali October 2016
Sound insulation construction with STRAWTEC panels
Media Office,  Kigali Convention Centre

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Kigali March 2017
Property & Home Expo at KCEV (Kamp Kigali) 15 - 18 / 03 / 2017
The Property & Home Show was honored to have the new Mayor for the City of Kigali to open the show. Pascal Nyamulinda cut the "welcome home" ribbon along with Eckardt Dauck of STRAWTEC.
Launch of the new development by STRAWTEC - Gisozi Heights - with 26 luxury homes in the
heart of Kigali.
Kigali March 2017
Sales Launch Gisozi Heights project at March 15th:
26 exclusive, spacious and modern 2-3 storey homes.

For more information see the Gisozi Heigts website.
For the brochure click here

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Kigali February 2017
HE President of Rwanda Paul Kagame is greeted by Eckardt M.P. Dauck, Chairman of
STRAWTEC and Hon Minister Francois Kanimba during his visits to the STRAWTEC
factory in the Kigali Special Economic Zone.

President Ismail Omar Guelleh of Djibouti and CEO of RDB visited STRAWTEC
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Kigali July 2017
STRAWTEC and Project Gisozi Heights presentation at
RIA 5th Symposium and Exhibition / The Rwanda Institute of Architects 06 - 07/07/2017

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Kigali July 2017
Ace Magashule, Premier Minister Free State Province, South Africa and
Delegation visit STRAWTEC factory at the New Special Economic Zone.

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STRAWTEC - Award Winner Best Construction Company
Kigali December 2017
Annual Made-in-Rwanda Trade Fair Expo, 29/11-05/12/2017
Armin Burckhardt, CEO, Strawtec Ltd receives the winner award as best Construction Exhibitor during the exhibition  by Governor John Rwangombwa.
Kigali December 2017
13/12/2017 Grand Opening of the Gisozi Heights Model House
with many guests from private, government and business
Watch the IGIHE TV report!
Click for the TV report YouTube
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