STRAWTEC - Production and Low Cost Construction for Affordable and Sustainable Housing
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Marcel Breuer, 1902-1981,
German-American architect,

who paved the way for wall systems made from compressed straw.
Photo: Polygoon Hollands Nieuws
Mitglied im DGNB

STRAWTEC - Economic Benefits for Rwanda

Income generation

- 1,000,000 USD p.a. to local straw supply chain
- 600,000 USD p.a. to factory staff
- 3,000,000 USD p.a. to construction workers

Positive impact on balance of trade

- Import substitution (i.e. cement, gypsum board)
- Export of construction material and design/
construction skills

Reduction in affordable housing shortage

- One production line delivers enough panels to build
2,000 dwelling units of 50 sqm each year
- Turnkey construction costs well below 400 USD/sqm
can be achieved
Skills development

- 1,000 TVET graduates and craftsmen to be trained
- 1,200 farmers have been trained

Job creation

- 5,000 farming jobs to supply straw
- Transport jobs to transport raw material and
  finished products
- 100 production staff
- Specialized architects and engineers
- 1,000 specialized construction jobs

STRAWTEC has created a local value chain from raw material supply to turnkey housing units leading to the following economic benefits:

Rwanda - Positive Investment Environment
STRAWTEC has a unique concept to establish local, self-sufficient manufacturing facilities to produce robust strawboard panels, which then serve as the primary building material for mass-housing and commercial construction projects. The innovative and easy-to-manage production technology employs local labour and locally grown, renewable resources.

STRAWTEC has identified Rwanda as the ideal entry point into the African market due to the sound leadership and effective economic reforms that have resulted in a positive investment environment, and the Government’s commitment to meeting future housing and construction demands.
- Rwanda is ranked third in Africa and 46nd in the world, in the World Bank’s
“Ease of Doing Business” indicator

- Rwanda demonstrates political and economic stability

- The East African Community as a regional export market has a population
of 145 million

- Implementation of the Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy

- Government support for Alternative Building Technologies (ABT’s)

- The Rwandan Development Board guides and supports investors
The establishment of STRAWTEC will ensure that Rwanda is at the forefront in Africa for construction using locally manufactured
sustainable, green building solutions.
Rwanda: Tel: +250 (0) 786 486844
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